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SMK Kelapa Sawit | AATA 11th Pilot Sharing Talk

An Unforgettable Adventure with SMK Kelapa Sawit!

We embarked on a remarkable tour, immersing ourselves in the world of aviation.

Their journey began at Senai International Airport, where the students witnessed the bustling operations of a commercial terminal.

Next, they headed to AATA for an inspiring pilot sharing talk, where our experienced pilots - Captain Kenneth captivated the students with his stories and insights.

The excitement continued as we explored the AATA hangar, getting an up-close look at our training aircraft.

We extend a special thanks to the talented student who gifted us with a beautiful drawing, adding an unforgettable touch to our time together.

It was an honor to share this experience with SMK Kelapa Sawit, as we continue to ignite dreams and foster a love for aviation.

Together, we soar to new heights!"

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